PTC Fayat Group

PTC is a worldwide leading company specialised in the design and manufacturing of pile driving and soil improvement equipment, such us Vibrodrivers®, Vibrolances and Power Packs.

Since its foundation in 1928, beginning with the invention of the poker vibrator, PTC has specialized in developing vibration techniques. PTC has played a leading role in the development of the vibrodrivers: it was the first company to launch the hydraulic vibrodrivers in the early seventies, the first to introduce the high frequency Vibrodrivers® and the high frequency Vibrodrivers® with controlled variable amplitude (HFV Vibrator).

The recent integration into the Fayat Group, a world leader in compaction equipment and France’s N°1 in steelworks and N°4 in building and public works, definitely gave PTC new thrust to continue developing innovations in foundation equipments, adapting solutions to the market and enhancing customer satisfaction.