New Chapter for Aly_JCB

We have delivered our new electric scissor S1930E & S4550E to the hands of our loyal customer.

👊 JCB S1930E & JCB S4550E

🙏Many thanks to Kwan Yong Construction

Why Aly Energy _ JCB Access Platform ?

↗️ Greater Productivity & Performance

⬆️ Our control cradle design allows use on all sides of the basket and enables easy operation from both in the basket and on the ground.

✔️Controls can be hooked on to any side of the machine or can be held left or right handed for easy operation

🔝Waterproof cover on the power to platform outlet protects the socket, ensuring it is ready to use

👍 Power Socket in the Basket for Operator

👍 Special Designed Door makes for easier and safer entry even with gloved hands

👍 Emergency brake release handle is accessible at the rear of the machine

👍 As the basket lowers to near the ground a safety stop and 3 second delay reminds the operator to check surroundings before fully closing the scissor pack.

👍 High grip design based on Aly _ JCB earth moving equipment for safe entry & egress

👍 Aly_JCB LiveLink system enable remote monitoring. It provides real time information about each machine maintenance, working history and unauthorised usage ( Total Control )

😊😊Customer Satisfaction is Our TOP priority

For more info : or 6266 8558