Marine Solutions

The marine industry has always put great importance in safety and security. An infrastructure that is efficient both at sea and on land is essential to maintaining good business operations. Therefore, maritime companies are in need of a trust-worthy partner to provide their energy and equipment needs.

Since its establishment, Aly Energy has worked with multiple key players in the marine industry. Our extensive experience allows us to go into the details of each project and carefully advice the best solution for it.

We offer

  • Power Generator for both Permanent & Temporary Supply
  • Electrical Panels for Power Distribution
  • Load Bank for Power Supply Testing
  • Access Equipment for Grit Blasting and Painting
  • Cranes for Lifting

Our service

  • Ship Yards
  • Merchant Ships
  • Offshore Platforms
  • Oil and Gas
  • Naval Ship
  • Tanker

Our notable clients include

  • Singapore Technologies Marine
  • Keppel Singmarine
  • Keppel Shipyard
  • Keppel Fels
  • Sembawang Shipyard
  • SMOE
  • PPL Shipyard
  • Drydocks World
  • ASL Holdings Ltd
  • Hallin Marine Singapore
  • IKM Subsea Singapore

Aly Energy