The recycling process requires very high quality equipment that can efficiently load, unload, and sort different types of materials. Companies simply cannot rely on sub-par machineries that do the job only half as well.

Our wide range of material handling machines allows customers to meet market demands. Aly Energy can help you find the right equipment for your recycling operations.

We offer

  • Sorting, stacking and loading shredder and mixed scrap
  • Supplying shredders, shears, and press machines at scrap yards
  • Filling melting pots with scrap at steel plants
  • Lifting and moving ingot moulds and other mould types at steel plants
  • Slag scraping, slag crushing, and slag loading at steel plants
  • Storing, moving, and handling pipes, supports, coils and other semi-finished products
  • Safe loading of shredders, crushers, and screening machines
  • Sorting and separating goods and recyclable materials

We service

  • Waste Management
  • Recycling
  • Scrap Handling
  • Steel Mills
  • Timber Handling
  • Port Handling

Our notable clients include

  • Kim Hock Corporation

Aly Energy